Why do I have to go to bed when the sun is still up?

MVC Screenshot 5.1

Most of us dream of Minnesota’s late sunsets, but it’s a nightmare for parents trying to put their kids to bed. During the spring and summer months, the sun often doesn’t set until long after bedtime for many youngsters.

I talked with KSTP about how much sleep kids should get and gave tips for parents on how to help their kids develop a good nighttime routine, even when the sun’s still shining.

Click here to see the interview!


Author: minivancommuter

Hi! My name is Alise McGregor, and, like all moms, I wear a lot of hats. I’m the mother of two beautiful girls: a wild child and a rule follower. I’m a business owner and the founder of Little Newtons Early Childhood Learning Centers. I’m a loving wife and a dedicated Usher fan. To my fellow minivan commuters, I hope my journey brings you a smile, a laugh and a little comfort knowing we’re all in this together!

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