Putting the “Me” in “Mommy”


“Mommy” is without a doubt one of the most special words in the English language. I treasure the title and everything it stands for. To my kids, “mommy” means protector, helper, ice cream scooper, lullaby singer, kisser of boo boos, and, not to mention, a source of love and understanding.

It’s a job I love. It’s a job I was born to do. But it’s not all I am.

I am still my own person. It’s been years since I set my own schedule for sleeping and socializing, but I do vaguely remember that I have interests that have nothing to do with Disney princesses or LEGO Ninjago characters.

I don’t want to lose myself completely in motherhood. At times, it seems like a forgone conclusion – being a mommy is like digging further and further into a rabbit hole until there’s no way out. But as I dig, I leave a trail of breadcrumbs – little reminders of who I was, who I am, and who I will be.

I love music.
I went to countless concerts before kids came along. I shouted the lyrics to every Usher song at the top of my lungs. And there’s no reason I have to stop. I make it a priority to keep going to concerts, because that’s one of the things I love, even if I may not go as often as I used to.

I love my job.
Going to work brings me joy. I have the opportunity to work with adorable children and fantastic families every day. I didn’t go back to work after the kids were born because I had to. I wanted to. And nothing has changed in that department.

I love my husband.
He was around long before the kids came into the picture, and he’ll be around long after. They’ll grow up and one day move away, and it’ll be the two of us again. I don’t want us to be strangers when that day arrives. We intentionally set up a great support system so we can enjoy nights out, even vacations, just the two of us.

There are days it’s easier to prioritize myself and my interests. But some days, I’m lost in the crazy hustle and bustle of parenthood. And that’s okay. Whether you love movies, music or anything else – dedicate a little time and energy to remember who you are. The “me” in “mommy” will thank you for it!


Author: minivancommuter

Alise McGregor is a working mom with two girls. As the founder of Little Newtons, she's passionate about making education the primary focus of child care.

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