7 Things Not to Say to Other Adults


Adult conversation can be tough in its own right, but when you’re used to talking to toddlers and young kids, there are some phrases that you don’t want to let slip out. Certain things you say multiple times a day at home do not mix with other adults.

Stop if you catch yourself saying any of the following:

  1. What do you say?
    It’s up to adults whether they want to say “please” or “thank you.” They do not appreciate it when another adult reminds them to follow proper etiquette.
  1. Potty.
    In the adult world, it’s called a restroom or a bathroom. It is not a potty.

    Along those same lines, it is not appropriate to ask another adult which kind of potty they went, whether they wiped or washed their hands.

  1. Capeesh?
    Phrases that start with “Here’s the deal” and end with “Capeesh?” make sure toddlers are listening and you’re on the same page. They do not work well with friends or coworkers.
  1. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.
    To tell you the truth, this is actually a good lesson for many adults, but that doesn’t mean we get to remind them of that.
  1. Do you want to sit in timeout?
    If only we could put certain adults in time out!
  1. I’m not going to tell you again.
    Let’s face it. This is often an empty threat with kids. Of course we’re going to tell them again to brush their teeth, do their homework or go to bed. Adults, however, can see right through it.
  1. You’re a big boy/girl.
    These words of encouragement don’t have the same effect when talking with a grownup. In fact, they can be taken as exactly the opposite of encouragement. Steer clear of the phrase unless you are, in fact, talking with a big boy or girl.

The Science of Weather

Don’t hide from the winter weather! With a few items you probably already have in your house, you can turn your backyard into nature’s science lab!

I talked with FOX9 about some entertaining & educational experiments:
(click here to see the interview)

  1. Fishing for Ice
  2. Properties of Snow
  3. Snowflake Shapes
  4. Balloon Ice

New Year Resolutions for Families

Even though the kids may not have stayed up until midnight to ring in 2016 (Did you check out the fake countdowns on Netflix?), they can still get in on another new year tradition – the resolutions. Setting New Year Resolutions can be a fun activity that brings the whole family together.  download
Since toddlers and preschoolers don’t need to worry about their wallets or their waistlines, here are a few ideas for 2016:

  1. Try Healthy Foods
    There’s no doubt kids can be picky eaters, so why not make a resolution to try new, healthy foods? You can expose the kids to 50 or more new foods this year by setting a day of the week to try them. For example, every Sunday night, put something new on the table for the family to try together. The kids may enjoy keeping a log of the new foods they try – they can draw a picture of it and write down which family members liked it and which didn’t.
  1. Try a New Activity
    You can try something formal, like enrolling a child in dance or swimming lessons, or just a fun activity, like a new art project or going to a new park or museum. They key here is to do it as a family. The kids will be much more excited about trying something new if they know their parents are doing it too!
  1. Give Instead of Receive
    After your children have gotten new toys over the holidays, ask them to pick out three old toys to give to charity. You can explain to them that the toys will be going to kids who may not have gotten any gifts. They can even go with you to drop them off. (This will also help parents if their resolution is to declutter!)
  1. Read, Read, Read
    There is no substitute for reading when it comes to a child’s brain development. Whether the kids are little and parents are reading to them, or if they can read on their own, make it your mission to crack open more books in 2016. If reading books isn’t in your bedtime routine, this is a great place to start!

Remember, the key is to have fun with your family resolutions! Don’t put too much pressure on the kids (or yourself). If you miss a week with your healthy foods, or you realize dance is not right for your child, that’s okay. Just giving it a shot is an important lesson to teach the kids.

Happy New Year!