Band-aid Battles

Band-aids have gotten so much cuter than when we were kids. No longer are they limited to boring, light brown sticky strips with padding. In my house at this moment, we have no fewer than five types of Band-aids (Disney Princesses, Minions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty and Barbie.)

While these types of Band-aids are more fun, they are also known to spark fierce reactions from toddlers.


I present to you the Four Band-aid Battles all parents have had:

Band-aid Battle #1
Kid: Owie! I bumped my arm/Johnny stepped on my foot/I got a mosquito bite/I have a tummyache! I need a Band-aid!
Parent: Since you’re not bleeding, a Band-aid won’t help here. What you really need is: an ice pack/calamine lotion/some sleep.
Kid: But it hurts! I need a Band-aid!!!

Band-aid Battle #2:
Kid: My Band-aid fell off in the tub!! I need a new one!
Parent: You cut yourself two days ago; it’s not bleeding anymore. You really don’t need another Band-aid.
Kid: I need a Band-aid!!!

Band-aid Battle #3
Kid: Hey! Why do you have a Band-aid?! No fair!
Parent: I cut my finger chopping an apple. It was bleeding, so I needed a band-aid.
Kid: But I have this (teeny) hangnail on this finger! I need a Band-aid!!!

Band-aid Battle #4:
Parent: You’ve had that band-aid on for two days. It needs to come off.
Kid: No! It still hurts!
Parent: Let’s take a look. (Rips off Band-aid.)
Kid: Owie! I need a Band-aid!!!

Parents – you have two options to end the Band-aid Battles:
#1: Stand your ground, don’t give in and only dole out Band-aids when you see blood.
#2: Go to the dollar section, stock up and give out Band-aids like beads at Mardi Gras.


Author: minivancommuter

Alise McGregor is a working mom with two girls. As the founder of Little Newtons, she's passionate about making education the primary focus of child care.

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